EdReady release notes - 11 Mar 2018


The following bug fixes, new features, and improvements are now part of the EdReady platform, as of 11 Mar 2018:

  • There are two new Study Path Options: “Only retest unmastered objectives” and “Include collections reserved for the initial diagnostic”.
    • The option to “Only retest unmastered objectives” changes the way the topic tests work. The default behavior retests all objectives aligned to a topic each time the student re-tests (after the initial test). This behavior is preferred because it makes it very difficult for students to guess their way to mastery. However, for the English scope, most of the topics have a larger number of aligned objectives, so the default behavior may make it too difficult for students to master each topic. In that case, you may want to use this new option, where students will only be tested on unmastered objectives each time.
    • The option to “Include collections reserved for the initial diagnostic” will preferentially pull questions – for the initial diagnostic only - from special collections where the questions have been specially constructed for the diagnostic. If you are using the English scope, we recommend you choose this option.
  • We have updated the way you include or exclude question and resource collections for a scope. Now there are two tables, one listing included collections, and one listing those collections which are excluded. We will be adding additional information and batch-processing to these tables in addition to support information for evaluating the different collections of assessment items.
  • We updated the mastery-status dots shown on the study path for each topic so that we are overtly displaying whether the objective has been mastered, not mastered, or remains unassessed.
  • For the English resources, the resource player also shows the actual status of each objective, both in the objective list and in the resource flow. By explicitly showing the objective status in this manner, we are hoping that students will be able to direct their attention more efficiently to the resources they actually need.
  • We added (back) the option to include the score in the post-diagnostic communications. On the Study Path Options, on the Messaging sub-tab, for the Post-diagnostic communications, you will see an option to “Show the diagnostic score”. If selected, the score attained by the student at the conclusion of the diagnostic will be included in any on-screen and/or emailed communications.
  • We have added some new capabilities to the resource player for Dev English which will allow us to include “Supporting Resources”. We have some additional work to do in order to get those resources into the platform. Stay tuned for when those go live.
  • We updated a number of tables (once again) to make them faster.
  • We fixed a few bugs that were affecting some SSO users, especially from Moodle.
  • We added or corrected help links for all of the new features.
  • We added some additional navigation options so that it is easier to move between tables and from details to summaries and back again.
  • The roster report, which wasn’t working correctly anyway, has been removed.
  • We substantially expanded the permissions options for reporting, so that different users can be given or withheld access to subsets of the reporting tabs and associated tables and graphs.
  • As usual, we found and squashed a number of other bugs as well.
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