EdReady release notes - 3 Feb 2018


The following bug fixes, new features, and improvements are now part of the EdReady platform, as of 3 Feb 2018:

  • We are re-organizing some of the database structures throughout EdReady to improve the reliability and speed of the tables, so of which have grown very large for some members. These improvements will mean that some of the data columns we used to show on some of the tables will be temporarily removed.
  • You can now view the student sessions summary table from the Reporting Dashboard.
  • When you set up custom “Study Path Progress” messages as milestones, those milestones are now added to the student’s “Milestones” table. This feature provides a new way of both encouraging and tracking student progress on the study path.
  • We made some additional updates for better visual performance on mobile devices.
  • When you review questions answered for individual students, the mastery status of each aligned learning objective tested by that question is shown in the question-review pane. Mouse over the status dot to see the text of each objective.
  • As usual, we found and fixed a number of minor bugs and annoyances as well.
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