EdReady release notes - 2 Dec 2016


This EdReady release includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • The table formats have been updated throughout the EdReady platform. These updates affected every table, including the student data reports and all administrative tables. These updates are designed to improve table responsiveness and performance. The updates also lay the groundwork for further improvements and features for the tables, many of which will become available with the next update.
  • We made a number of improvements to the way the sessions table tracks student activity. There are some additional improvements planned, but we are hoping that users will no longer see overlapping sessions in that table.
  • We reviewed the site again for accessibility compliance and updated a few things based on what we found.
  • We restored the guest-deletion functionality. Assessments that are tested using a guest account should become available again for further editing within a few minutes (if the guest is logged out properly) rather than having to wait until the next day.
  • We fixed a few peculiar navigation bugs on iPads, and a smattering of other bugs throughout.
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