EdReady release notes - 14 Apr 2016


This release includes a substantial suite of behind-the-scenes accessibility improvements, especially for students who use screen readers or other third-party software to navigate the EdReady platform. We will continue our accessibility work on the administrative side even as we continue to refine and improve any remaining accessibility hurdles for students. Note that we have an active accessibility advisory group that is helping NROC to meet its mission to support all learners, regardless of disability status. If you are interested in helping us with this task, or have any comments or suggestions regarding accessibility, do not hesitate to get in touch with anyone at NROC.

In addition to the accessibility improvements, we deployed the following improvements and bug fixes with this release:

  • Changed study options (selecting among colleges and universities for target scores) flow.
  • Improved the option for students to set and specify their own targets.
  • Improved score bar functionality on study options.
  • Improved performance when targets are changed.
  • Minor UI improvements on the home page and school info modals.
  • Print and email buttons are now visible even if there is only one unit on the study path.
  • Streamlined process for adding new admins.
  • Added a step for students creating accounts on the public site so that they are less likely to create a new account when they already have one on a member site.
  • It is now possible to grant permission to access all goals for admin accounts created via SSO.
  • Streamlined password reset process and improved error handling elsewhere.
  • Clarified "activity" labels on several reports and validated activity metrics.
  • SSO role designations are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Cleaned up external references (e.g., to JS libraries) to simplify management for institutions that use web filters.
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