EdReady release notes - 15 May 2016


This release includes a raft of accessibility improvements with an emphasis on the administrative tabs for "Assessments" and "Admin users". We will continue to make accessibility improvements to the administrative dashboards for the next few releases. Look for updates here.

In addition to those changes, we overhauled the way the assessment player works. This is the component of EdReady that administers test questions for both the initial diagnostic and any follow-on unit or topic tests from the study path. The assessment items are now being rendered natively in HTML5 with Mathjax support. This format means they are more accessible by default, more mobile-friendly, look better in all formats, and should load faster (improving overall performance). With this update completed, we are now in a position to support additional types of assessment items... look for more on that soon.

We also updated the enrollment report. It is now available to any administrator with reporting permissions and will get filtered accordingly. It includes a new column that tells you whether a student has a test in progress or not, and for what type of test.

In addition, we made a series of minor improvements and squashed some bugs, including:

  • Improved consistency across admin tabs
  • Improved date picker for custom fields
  • Improved error handling around inactive goals
  • Cleaned up some default settings on the homepage editor
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