Dynamic Table Display


Basic Table Display

Most on-screen tables you'll see in the reports are displayed in pages - you'll see a specified number of rows on-screen, and can use the navigation at the bottom of the page to change the number of rows and to navigate between the pages.

table1.pngYou can always sort columns (by clicking on the header to sort ascending [A-Z], again to sort descending [Z-A]), or make selections in the filter row to limit the data displayed. Any filtering/ sorting will be applied across all rows, not just those you see on the current page.


Adding Columns btn_addcolumns.jpg

In many places you can also alter the information displayed to you on-screen. Click the "+" button to see all the columns available to you in a pop-up window. (Note: the columns available for each table will vary)


Click the checkbox for any columns you'd like to see on-screen and click OK - your on-screen table will now include any column that was selected.

Bookmarking btn_bookmark.jpg

The bookmarking feature allows you to save a specific table configuration, so that you can more easily access your favorite displays.


To save a current table configuration, click the bookmark icon, enter a Name for the new bookmark, and click the Save Bookmark button.

To load a previously-saved bookmark, click the bookmark icon, select an existing bookmark (under the ‘Load Bookmark’ header), and click the Load Bookmark button.


All bookmarks you create will be available from the My bookmarks page. Click on your Name in the header bar. Then, click the My bookmarks link shown in the dropdown menu.


Here you can click the “Go” link to load any bookmarked view. You can also Edit (rename) and Delete any bookmark.


Downloading Reports btn_emal.jpg
You can choose to have an Excel version of the information in the table emailed to you by clicking the mail icon: you will have the option to email a filtered version that shows the columns/ information included in your on-screen selections, or an unfiltered version that includes all of your available columns and data.

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