EdReady Version 1.15 Release Notes December 10, 2015


Admin/ Reporting: Tags

In the previous release, we added the ability to Tag objects in EdReady. This release improves upon the tagging functionality, making it easier to use. 

Editing Tags:

Administrators have the ability to apply tags to Assessments, Goals, Students, and Admin Users. (More information on editing tags in the help center here.) The tag list you see will still be shared universally across all EdReady sites, but now the tags are displayed alphabetically by default:

Searching Tags:

When using tags to search a set of objects, the tags available for selection will only include the tags in use for those objects.


For example: if you're on the goals tab and want to search by tag, the only tags that will pre-populate for you to choose from will be the tags applied to your goals. This ensures that you don't spend time searching on tags that will return no results. 

Additionally, if there are no tags in use, the search functionality will be hidden from view. 


Performance Improvements

We are continuing to expend most of our software-development efforts on performance-related improvements throughout the EdReady application. We have already found and updated several processes that were taking longer than necessary, so we have turned our attention to common run-time processes that we think can be sped up. The latest release includes an update to the manner in which the various parts of EdReady communicate with each other. Since EdReady generates and manages so much data as a normal part of the student experience, managing these data flows is a pretty intensive process. Our current average response time is less than one second, but we are looking to cut that in half yet again. We have several additional updates planned or already in the testing phase, so expect to see ongoing performance improvements into 2016.


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