EdReady Version 1.14 Release Notes October 26, 2015


Admin/ Reporting: Dynamic Table Display

In many places throughout EdReady (ex: list of Goals, Assessments, Students), we have improved the way that tables of information are displayed: 

1. Data is paginated

Rather than loading all information onto the on-screen display, most tables now have the data displayed in pages. 

At the bottom of the table you have the ability to select the number of rows displayed on a page, as well as navigate between pages:

If you filter or sort the table, your selection will be applied across all records, even those not currently displayed on-screen.


2. Dynamically select columns displayed on-screen

Where available, click the blue "+" button to select the information you'd like to see on-screen. A pop-up window will open, indicating the columns available for choosing: 

Right now your selections are not saved, so if you leave the page you will see the default display when you return. We are hoping to add this functionality to a future release. 

Note: If you request that the table's data be sent/ downloaded in Excel, ALL available columns will now be included in the downloaded/ emailed file, regardless of your on-screen selections. 


Reporting: Student Data Reports
(Summary, Unit Detail, and Topic Detail)

The pagination described above is also in place here, so there is no longer a 200-row limit enforced. 

The report filters are no longer available, though you can now filter/ sort on ANY displayed column... and Goal Name is displayed on-screen for all these reports. 

We are working on some changes to how these reports display (including the ability to add columns as described above/ seen elsewhere in EdReady), so we'll keep you posted as additional improvements are made!

In the meantime, additional data is available in the Excel version of this report (which you access by clicking the "Email Data" button), so if you cannot find the information you want on-screen, please try the offline version. 


Other Reporting Improvements

  • "Last Activity" data in the Assessment-specific reports is now showing the last time the student tested themselves (completed the initial diagnostic, or a Unit or Topic-level test in their study path)  for that Assessment.
    • Previously this showed the last activity across all assessments/ goals the student was working in
  • The summary assessment data on the reports homepage can now be sent via email



We have added the ability to 'Tag' many of the items in EdReady (Goals, Assessments, Users, and Students), which will allow administrators and reporting users to focus in on data they are interested in. 

Note: As administrators work with Tags, it is important to understand that there is a single tag cloud shared across all EdReady versions and categories. 

Tags are intended to be a quick way to identify and find something in a manner other than what is possible using an existing field (like the name). 

Here are some ideas for how tags might be used:

  • For admins or students: tag them by enrollment status, semester, location, ethnicity, age, etc.
  • For goals and assessments: tag them by semester, location, intended outcomes, perceived time to completion, etc.

In all cases, the idea is to use simple, quick references. Tagging is powerful because of it's simplicity and the way they naturally enable faceted search, but that also means that they are not good vehicles for situations where you need very precise (and often specifically delimited) identifiers.


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