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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for this report is available here 

This report can be quite large, as it includes a row for every student for every Learning Objective included in your full assessment scope.

This report is currently the only place to o the specific Learning Objectives (LOs) a student has (and has not) mastered. Since Topic and Unit status' are calculated based on the percentage of LOs that have been mastered, this report can provide additional insight as to the underlying mastery contributing to that status. 

The columns included in this report are:

  • Student
  • Email
  • Goal Name
  • Assessment Name
  • Unit
  • Topic
  • Learning Objective
  • Initial Score: this column indicates the student's mastery of this Learning Objective as a result of the initial diagnostic assessment. See below for an explanation of the values you see in this column.
  • Current Score: this column indicates the student's current mastery of this Learning Objective


Initial and Current Scores

In both of these columns, you’ll see one of three values:

  • 0 = a zero indicates that the student was tested on this objective, and did not show mastery
  • 1 = a one indicates that the student was tested on the objective, and did show mastery
  • 1/2 = a 0.5 indicates that the student has not yet been tested on this objective
    • You will see this in the “Initial Score” column for any Learning Objectives that were not included in the initial diagnostic scope
    • If a student still has a 0.5 for the Current Score, they have not yet Tested themselves on this Topic in the Study Path.


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