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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for this report is available here 

While most of the reports in EdReady show the current status and scores, this report gives you a bit of a historical view. 


The columns included in this report are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Goal Name
  • No. of Logins: total number of times the student logged into EdReady
  • Last Activity: last time the student used EdReady (in general, not specific to this assessment)
  • Time Using EdReady: total time (across all assessments) this student has been logged into EdReady. This includes time spent studying, testing themselves, and navigating the site.
  • Time Spent Studying: total time the student has spent studying the included resources
  • Initial Diagnostic Score: score student earned after the initial diagnostic test
  • Most Recently Updated Score: current EdReady score
  • Score Gain: different between initial and current score
  • Target Score: the score this student is working towards

It also includes some summary details for the Number of Topics and Learning Objectives in the following categories: 

  • # Topics/ LOs Mastered initially: the mastery earned as a result of taking the initial diagnostic test
  • # Topics/ LOs Mastered through study: additional mastery the student has earned through testing themselves in their study path. Only the additional items mastered after the initial diagnostic will be included here. 
  • # Topics/ LOs Mastered last week: additional mastery earned during the previous calendar week (midnight Sunday through 11:59pm Saturday, GMT)


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