EdReady Version 1.13 Release Notes September 17, 2015


Updates to Assessments: 

  • Can now expand/ collapse all items when viewing the Scope & Initial Diagnostic scope
  • Assessment Name is now editable at any time, even if students have used the Assessment.
    • Note: the Target Score, Scope, and Initial Diagnostic still cannot be edited
    • Assessment Names must still be unique
  • NEW: Ability to display custom messaging to students after they finish the Initial Diagnostic. This can be displayed on screen and/or emailed to the student. (Example message shown below.)

    See more details in the Help Center here: Assessment (Post-Initial Diagnostic) Messaging
  • When students are working on any assessment in EdReady (initial diagnostic, Unit-level or Topic-level), the Question ID of each question they see is now displayed on-screen. If there is a situation where you feel that the question has an error, having this Question ID will be extremely helpful for us to investigate, so please try to ensure that any screenshots include it:
  • Improved messaging when students test at the Unit or Topic-level in their study path: it is more clear if they have not mastered the material and still need to study. 


Administrative Improvements: 

  • Currently, students have the ability to deactivate their account on their My Account page. If you do not want them to have permission to do this, you can now disable this setting (for all students). To do so, enable the Disable student account self-deactivation field on your site's General Info tab
    • This is especially useful for sites with a single sign-on integration in place, where student accounts should be managed in the SIS/ LMS
    • Note: when students deactivate their account, their data is not deleted. Instead, they cannot log in and they will show up as Inactive in the reports
  • You now have the ability to upload a custom image on the homepage
  • If you are using the Student Custom Sign-Fields (set up on the General Info tab), you now have the ability to edit a student's information for these fields:
    • Note: there is a new permission associated with being able to edit these fields (Manage Students > Edit Custom Fields Data)
    • Even without the permission to Edit, the information a student entered into these fields will be visible on the Student's general info tab (the tab where you start when you 'Edit' a student)


Study Resources:

  • There is now an additional way to reach the textbook resources integrated into the NROC Developmental Math content. Students have always been able to click the "Topic Text" button to launch it, but now the Textbooks are also available as separate resources:

    • This allows the Textbook to be visible as an additional study resource when students are using a device that does not support Flash (such as an iPad)
    • The "EdReady Complete" resource collection includes these separate textbooks - this resource collection has been included by default for all assessments


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