Why would I create a separate EdReady password?


Many EdReady users created their accounts by first logging into a different application, such as a student information portal or learning management system, and then clicking through to EdReady from that application. These "external" applications are usually supported by a school or some other institution. If your affiliation with that institution expires (e.g., you graduate from your school, or you move to a new district), you may no longer be able to access EdReady the way you used to. Similarly, if you accessed EdReady as part of a specific program of study, your access may end once the program is over.

Fortunately, your account in EdReady remains separate and available as long as it is not explicitly deleted. If you would like to continue to access your account and make progress toward your goals, you can create your own EdReady password to access your account directly. You will still need to log in to the specific EdReady site that you were already using, and the option to log in directly will have to be enabled. If these conditions are met, and you obtain your own EdReady password, you can log into EdReady as much as you like for as long as you want.

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