EdReady Version 1.11 Release Notes May 28, 2015


Updates- Student Facing:


  • Study Path Redesign
    • The View Resources and Check Your Knowledge buttons have been reordered and renamed FROM:





  • Improved function of Learn and Test buttons
    • If you complete a topic-level test and do not master the material, the Test button will be deactivated on the study path. At that point, you will be directed to the Learn button to view and study resources. The Test button is re-activated after you have viewed and studied the resources and click Return to Study Path.
  • Progress meter for every topic showing # of LOs mastered
    • You can now see how many learning objectives are aligned to each topic and how many you have mastered as you work thru each topic.


  • Update to Score bar
    • Only the units needed to meet the target score are shown on the score bar (i.e., the grey unit dots that were previously shown to the right of the target score have been removed from the score bar but are now available for study on the right hand side of the page (see below).

  • Update to additional units available to study
    • Units that are part of the scope but not needed to reach the target score are shown in boxes to the right-hand side and labeled “Additional units you could study.” Students can study any of these units at any time by clicking on the unit name.

Update to how mastery is calculated

Original calculation:

Not Ready 0-49%, Needs Review 50-90%, Mastered 91-100%

New calculation:

Not Ready 0-49%, Needs Review 50-99%, Mastered 100%

Previously, mastery was based on a student knowing 90% of the material included in a unit.  Now, mastery is based on a student knowing 100% of the material in a unit.  Because of this recalculation, a small number of students may see that a topic that was previously marked as Mastered is now showing as Needs Review.   The student will need to revisit the topic and master the remaining material before the unit will be marked as Mastered.

Updates –Teacher Facing:

  • Student Roster Report cells are now all numerical format
    • Dashes have been changed to numbers to make calculations easier.
  • Improvements to the Advanced Report:
    • First and Last names split into two columns for easier data sorting.
    • Additional column added to show associated goal for the student
  • Update to Report Delivery

Many of the reports that were previously available as a download are now emailed directly to the user with the option of emailing to additional recipients.


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