EdReady Version 1.10.9 Release Notes April 28, 2015


*Important to note* this release includes a substantial amount of css updates and other changes that affect the UI in some cases. If EdReady pages do not display correctly, please refresh your browsers and/or clear your caches.




  • Report Filtering now in place-for ONSCREEN viewing only, reports can still be downloaded in its entirety and emailed to you
    • Report runs onscreen if there are <200 students
    • Reports requires filters if there are > 200 students
    • Report results return with filters applied


Downloadable reports

  • Downloadable reports now return all data via email.



  • We have made significant strides towards enabling keyboard navigation and appropriate response behavior to most popular screen readers. HOWEVER, there is still more to do! Mostly, there are differences in behavior depending on the browser/OS combination in use, and these differences take time to discover and resolve. We also did a complete refresh of the styling throughout the platform so that it responds more appropriately to different screen sizes and devices. It is still not optimized for mobile, nor do we have an app version, but it should work pretty well even on tablets.


Other UI Improvements:

  • Squashed more bugs and continued to make minor improvements to labeling, admin options, etc . This includes, but is not limited to "Selected" and "Available" tables have switched spots, so now the items you have selected are on top. This applies in the following places:

* Goals: when indicating the Assessments in the goal

* Admin Users: when indicating which Goals this user has access to

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