What if I need to switch Goals (classes)?


Sometimes you may have already started working on an assessment & have a Study Path in 1 goal, but need to work on the same information in a new goal. 

For example: if your class schedule changes you may have a different instructor and will need to enroll in the new instructor's goal. 

The great news is that EdReady will recognize that you already have progress and will let you pick up where you left off! When you go to work on the assessment in your new goal, EdReady will ask you to choose which goal your information should be stored in. (Note: your information has to be shared - you can only work on an assessment in a single goal and will not be able to start over from scratch.)

To help avoid confusion, we suggest that you remove yourself from the original goal (that you no longer need) so you can remember to work in the new goal. 


Here's an example of how it works:

This student already completed the initial diagnostic for "ACT Prep" in his instructor's goal (ACT Preparation: Mr Jones 3rd Period): 


His class schedule changed, and now he is taking his ACT Prep class with a different instructor. He enters the Key for the new instructor's goal (ACT Preparation: Mrs Smith 5th Period), but when he gets to this page, he initially sees that the assessment has no score:

He clicks the Start Assessment, then the Start Assessment Now buttons.

Rather than starting the initial diagnostic test from scratch, EdReady recognizes that he already has progress & asks him to choose which Goal he wants to work in:

If this student chooses to move the data to the new goal, his old score & status' will automatically show up there: 




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