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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for this report is available here

The Enrollment Report is a single consolidated place where reporting users can access details about all student data, across assessments. There is no on-screen report, but instead this report is available as an Excel file that is emailed to you.

To access this report, click the Email Enrollment Report button on the 'Summary Reports' tab of your reporting homepage.  

The resulting Excel file will contain the following details

  1. Student Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Student Active?
    • Indicates if the student account has been activated (Yes/No)
    • This column is not an indicator as to whether or not the student is currently actively using EdReady
  4. Login Count
  5. Last Login
  6. Last Assessment Completed
    • Indicates the last time the student completed a testing activity (initial diagnostic assessment, or a Topic/Unit-level test in their study path) for this Goal & Assessment
  7. Account created (date)
  8. Time Using EdReady
    • The total time the student has used EdReady, across all assessments and goals (including other EdReady sites, if applicable)
  9. Time Studying
    • The total time the student has spent in the "Learn" resources for this assessment and goal
  10. Goal Name
  11. Goal Active?
    • Indicates if the Goal currently activated and available for student use
  12. Assessment Name
  13. Assessment Active?
    • Indicates if the Assessment currently activated and available for student use
  14. Initial Assessment Score
    • Indicates the student's score on the initial diagnostic assessment
    • If the student has not yet completed the initial diagnostic, this column will be blank
  15. Most recent score
    • The student’s current EdReady score, including any improvements made via testing on their study path
    • Will only populated if the student has an initial score for this assessment
  16. Score gain
  17. Default Assessment Target Score
    • The Target Score set up on the Assessment
  18. Current Target Score
    • This is the Target Score the student is working towards.
    • Typically this will only be different than the Default Asssessment Target Score for the following reasons:
      • The Study Options (school search) functionality is in place, so the student’s target score will be based on their school selections
      • The student hit their original Target score and clicked the "Continue studying and improve your score" link on the Congrats Page (and is now working towards 100)
  19. Target reached date
    • If the student has reached their target score, the date that occurred will be indicated here
  20. Currently active group
    • If the student belongs  to more than 1 goal containing the same assessment, you will see a "X" indicating the goal the student's progress is currently associated with
  21. Current Assessment Status: indicates the student’s current status towards completing testing activities in this assessment. The possible values you’ll see are:
    • ID Not Started: indicates that the student has not yet started the assessment’s initial diagnostic assessment
    • ID In Progress: the student has started but not yet completed the initial diagostic
    • ID Completed: the student has completed the initial assessment, but not yet done any other testing activities in their study path
    • Other Test In Progress: the student is currently in the middle of a Unit- or Topic-level test in their study path
    • Other Test Completed: that the last testing activity this student completed was a Unit- or Topic-level test in the assessment’s study path
  22. Custom Student Fields (if being used by the version)

Each student's information (columns 1-4 & 6-7) will be repeated for every Goal they are currently a member of & each Assessment included in those Goals.

Because of this repetition, you need to be careful when trying to look at summary details across this report. For example, if a student is working on 3 assessments in a single goal, that information will show up on 3 separate rows.

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