EdReady 1.7.18 Release Notes - 18 Dec 2014


Admin-Facing Improvements

Site version admins now have the ability to display a messaging banner to all users

o   This banner shows up across the top of the page for any logged in user for an EdReady site: it can be closed by clicking the ‘x’ and will remain hidden for the remainder of the user’s session

o   This can be used by site version admins to alert users of updates, maintenance or other important announcements.


New detailed student enrollment report download

o   This report provides information for each student, listing each goal and assessment they are associated with for a detailed look at student progress site-wide. It fills a major reporting void, providing assessment-level details across assessments. Because of the nature of the report, it is only available to Admin users who have permission to see all students in the site


Low level only assessment option

o   We have added an option to the assessments in EdReady that will exclude questions aligned to multiple learning objectives from all assessments. This change might be of interest in cases where teachers are concerned that certain topics are being assessed too quickly due to credit granted for multiple learning objectives from a single question. The cost of this approach is that assessments will generally take longer to administer (i.e., students will have to answer more questions

Improved SSO Handling for sites that are using it

o   Currently, all users are taken to the EdReady Log Out page or Homepage upon exiting (or timing out) of EdReady. For Single Sign-On users this is confusing, since they likely never saw this page before & this is not where they need to be to log back in. With this release, the following additions/ improvements have been made:

·       When setting up the SSO, EdReady Administrators must enter the URL (& associated label for the link) where the user should be redirected upon logout

o   EdReady keeps track of whether or not a user logged in via SSO or directly

o   If a user accesses EdReady via SSO, they will be automatically redirected to the Admin-supplied URL (otherwise, the behavior remains unchanged)

·       EdReady Admins can also turn off the Log In dropdown from the EdReady homepage, helping avoid confusion for any user who accidentally lands there

o   We encourage members with SSO to provide a link to the correct log in page on the homepage in the customizable text fields

o   The direct link to the login page will remain active & can be accessed by anyone with the address

Student-facing Improvements

Warning message when accessing a non-existent EdReady URL.

o   Currently, if you type in a URL for a version that doesn't exist (ex: you enter it with a typo), you are simply redirected to the public EdReady site. If you're not paying attention or don't otherwise realize you're not in the right place (ex: you weren't told that your logo should show up in the header), its really easy to register/ make progress on the wrong EdReady site.

o   This improvement redirects the user to a page that indicates the URL was not found, encouraging the user to double check the URL they are trying to access. It also provides a link to the public EdReady site.

Improved the "account already registered" modal

o   A student’s account is shared across multiple sites, so they can use the same login on the public site and any member sites they are using

o   When registering on a new site, EdReady recognizes that the email is already in use, but the pop-up message has been confusing and students may not understand what they are doing (registering with a new site)

o   The pop-up message has now been improved to show the student a list of sites they are already registered on (w/ links) so they can just log in to the site they are already using if that is what they intended

Improved the Forgot password email

o   Currently, the ‘forgot password’ email includes a link to the site where the student requested the new password. This was originally implemented because students can use multiple sites, so we wanted to reflect their current choice of URL. In reality, some students seem to end up on the public site (when they are not registered there), so this has been causing confusion.

o   The forgot password email has been improved to include the list of versions where a user is registered regardless of what site the user was on when the password was requested.

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