EdReady 1.4-1.6 Release Notes - 11 Nov 2014


This document summarizes the new features, enhancements, fixes and visible changes included in several recent EdReady releases.

New Features

  • SAML (SSO) integration, and extension for OneLogin (SSO vendor).
  • Updated public EdReady site.
  • Improved automated error prevention in taking assessments.
  • Improvements to pre-loaded assessments functionality.
  • Session time-out warning.
  • New password strength requirements (for students and admins).

Bug Fixes

  • Students can now continue to study mastered units.
  • Fixed an issue with the print option in the study path.
  • Fixed an issue with tracking logins.
  • Fixed an issue with the cutoff between “Needs Review” and “Not Ready”.
  • Fixed a filter/sort bug in the student summary report.
  • Corrected some resource URLs.
  • Corrected a calculation in an advanced report showing mastery progress for learning objectives.


  • More performance improvements.
  • Continued conversion of administrator tables to include search and filtering.
  • Load-time improvements in saving assessments and rendering some reports.
  • Better error-handling.
  • Expanded the assessment item pool by hundreds of questions, through unit 14 (remaining units to come).

Other Minor Enhancements

  • Many minor text updates and UI improvements.
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