EdReady 1.1.0 Release Notes - 15 May 2014


This document exposes all the new features, enhancements, fixes and visible changes included in this EdReady release.

New Features

  • Added the “Student ID” attribute to the student registration page. This can be configured from the General info in the edit version page.
  • Filter and sort options to the report tables.
  • Download option to the roster report.
  • Advanced reporting option was implemented. The "Student data: learning objective topic and progress" report is now available.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when adding an inactive, not edited, assessment into a goal.
  • Fixed error in calculation for "Average time studying".
  • Fixed error where some college information modals did not display properly.
  • Fixed filter for unit-level report, which sent users to the topic detail every time.
  • Fixed error where "Average time spent studying recommended resources:" was displayed empty if the average time was lower than 1 minute.
  • The 'More info' link below goal cards wasn't working properly; this has been fixed.


  • Added expandable/collapsible function to the assessments filter in the site admin dashboard.
  • Added case-insensitivity to the assessments filter in the site admin dashboard.

Other Minor Enhancements

  • Changed the FAQ link for 'contact us'.
  • Added a label that shows which goal filter is activated.
  • Updated the EdReady footer FAQs.
  • Added a colon to the Edit version button in the site admin page to separate the label with the version name.
  • Changed the "Optional" label to "mastered?" in the assessments results.
  • Added the "Email or ID" and "Goal Name" as columns to the student unit detail report.
  • Exchanged the position of the "Time using EdReady" and "Time spent studying" columns of the Summary student report.
  • Added a placeholder to the “Search for a school by name:” field in the Schools search page.
  • Added a description to the assessments filter in the site admin dashboard.
  • Changed the “Goal Sponsor” label to "Goal Creator" in the site admin dashboard.
  • Changed the “English” dropdown option to "English (coming soon)" in the site admin dashboard.
  • Changed the Assessments header to "Choose an Assessment" in the site admin dashboard.
  • Changed the "Study Unit" button in the study plans to "Check your knowledge" with pencil icon.
  • Topics in the study plan are now displayed in order.
  • Reduced the distance between the study plan and the footer.
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