Is EdReady just a college readiness tool?


EdReady is a personalized learning platform. It is true that we have launched EdReady with a focus on college math readiness, soon to be expanded to include college English readiness as well (coming before 2017). The math concepts covered by EdReady are often lumped together and called "Developmental Math," covering everything from basic Arithmetic, to Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, and special topics in Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry.

These topical areas are usually covered in middle and high school, so many middle and high schools are using EdReady to personalize learning this material for the first time. Subsets of this material may also be needed for certain programs of study, such as through workforce development programs or for major tracks at a university, and EdReady can be used to personalize preparedness pathways for those programs.

Our expectation is that the curricular coverage within EdReady will continue to expand, and that the diversity of different use-cases to which EdReady is applied will continue to grow. College readiness is certainly a key area of focus, but not the only one. 

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