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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for this report is available here

The Student Roster report is not available on-screen, but can be sent to you as an Excel file. To access this report, click the Email Student Roster Report button on the 'Summary Tab' portion of your Reports Homepage. A pop-up window will open: if desired, enter any additional email addresses that should be sent the file, then click the Send button.

All the students you have permission to see are listed in this report. The goals you are associated with are each listed as a column heading.

The number of assessments on which each student has progressed (has completed the initial diagnostic) for each goal are listed in the table. A "0" indicates that the student is a member of that goal, but has not yet completed any initial diagnostic assessments, while a blank cell indicates that the student is not a member of that goal. 

Students sometimes have trouble remembering their email (username) when using EdReady, so this report can be extremely helpful as you can look up the email address associated with each student.


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