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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for this report is available here

This report provides high-level summary details about student progress in this assessment in EdReady.

The top section provides details regarding the number of student accounts and how many students have worked in their study paths to improve their scores. Students will only be included in the scope-specific reports once they have completed the initial diagnostic for a scope: the ‘Initial diagnostic in progress’ value will indicate if any students have started but not yet completed this activity.


The Summary section shows the overall median EdReady score for the initial diagnostic to the left, and the current median EdReady score.

The Score Distribution chart indicates the Initial Diagnostic Scores (shown in gray), current EdReady score (in purple) and the number of students associated with each score (represented in the height of the bar). Click the ‘Change View’ link to see this information in a table format.

The Score Breakdown by Mastery chart displays a column for each unit included in the assessment, and stacked colored bars indicate the current student mastery status (Not Ready, Needs Review, Mastered) for each unit. To see the name of a displayed unit, hover your mouse over a column.  Click the ‘Change View’ link to see this information in a table format.

You may see Associated Goal and/or Associated Admin dropdowns near the top of the page. If so, this will allow you to filter the students included in this report:

Choosing an item from the drop down and clicking the Apply Filters button will limit the data that appear below in this report. Note: if you pick values in both drop downs, you will only see data for students that meet both criteria.


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