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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for this report is available here

To access the Student Topic Detail report, click the Topic Detail link below the ‘Data last updated’ line. 

This report is similar to the Unit Detail report, but you see the status for all the topics in the selected unit. Select a different unit in the dropdown to change which unit is displayed.

Each student is listed in a separate row, with the following information provided:

Most Recent Score: the student’s current EdReady score.

Topics: Each topic in the current unit is listed as a separate column, with the student’s current status represented by a colored cell (legend to the right). Click on any colored cell to see the name of the topic and the last resource the student studied.

Just like in the Overview report, you may see Associated Goal and/or Associated Admin drop downs near the top of the page. If so, this will allow you to filter the students included in this report.


This report takes advantage of the dynamic table displays you'll see throughout the EdReady reports: you can filter the data, navigate across the pages of assessments, and add columns to your on-screen display (more info here). 



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