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Note: in addition to the written details below, a video tutorial for the Student Data Summary report is available here


If you are currently viewing the Overview report, Click the Student Data tab (underneath the assessment name) near the top of the page to be taken to the Student Summary report. 


Each student is listed in a separate row, with the following information provided.

Note: this report takes advantage of the Dynamic Table Display functionality used throughout EdReady, so you can filter and sort what is displayed on-screen, as well as use the "+" button to choose which columns you’d like to see on-screen. All of the columns listed below may not be displayed on-screen by default.


Data combined for all assessments and goals (including other EdReady sites, if applicable). Will be denoted by Teal column headers:

  • Student Information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Active, Account Created Date)
  • Last Login: the last date the student accessed EdReady
  • Login Count: total number of times the student has logged into EdReady.
  • Time Using EdReady: the amount of time (format is Hours:Minutes:Seconds) that the student has spent logged into EdReady. This includes the time taking any tests (the Initial Diagnostic, as well as unit-and topic-level tests in their study plan) and any time spent studying.
    • As with all websites, it is important to note that this is time the student was logged in – we have no way of knowing if the student then walked away from the computer for some time, was checking his email instead of studying, etc.

Data specific to this assessment. Will be denoted by Gray column headers:

  • Goal Name & Goal Key
  • Last Assessment Activity: the last date & time (provided in UTC time [Greenwich non-adjusted mean time]) the student last completed a testing activity for this Assessment
  • Score: the initial score (after Initial Diagnostic) is shown in gray with the current score represented by a purple dot.
  • Score Gain: The difference between the student’s initial & current scores. If the student’s score has decreased since the Initial Diagnostic, the number here will be negative.
  • Target Score: the score the student is working towards. If the student has reached the target score, this number will be in bold.
  • Time Spent Studying: the amount of time (format is Hours:Minutes:Seconds) that the student spent in the online resources provided by EdReady in this assessment’s study path. This does not show the total time in the EdReady site or include time spent taking any assessments (initial, pre- or re-tests).


This report takes advantage of the dynamic table displays you'll see throughout the EdReady reports: you can filter the data, navigate across the pages of assessments, and add columns to your on-screen display (more info here). 


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