I’ve been studying & mastering topics, but the unit is still marked as “Not Ready” or “Needs Review”. Why?


Each unit in EdReady is composed of many topics, and each topic is composed of many learning objectives. Your score changes according to your mastery of the underlying learning objectives. When less than 50% of the learning objectives have been mastered, the unit will be marked as “Not Ready”. Mastery of 50 to 99% will result in a status of “Needs Review.” Finally, 100% of all learning objectives are mastered, the unit will also be flagged as mastered.

Depending on the number of learning objectives included in the unit and within each topic you study, you may not see the unit status update very frequently. If you are concerned, we suggest that you keep a close focus on your EdReady score: this will update with every unit and topic-level test you take and will be the most accurate representation of your progress. 

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