On the Study Path page, I clicked on the “Test” button (or the “Unit Test” button) and now I am taking another test! What is going on?


In order to raise your score, you need to demonstrate to EdReady – by taking a short test – that you have mastered the material in your study path. In some cases, you may be answering questions about certain topics for the first time, and there is a possibility that you already know the material and will master out of it immediately. In other cases, you may already know that you need to improve your knowledge of the material, in which case you should click “Learn” before testing again.

As with all tests in EdReady, it is not helpful to guess the answers, nor to just keep testing yourself without actually learning the material first. Though it is not impossible to guess correct answers in EdReady, guessing will not help you when you then have to demonstrate your knowledge elsewhere (such as for a placement exam or in a course).

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