On the Study Path page, should I study the unit shown, or look at the topics underneath?


You can check your knowledge for either the whole unit or for each topic separately, whichever you prefer. One benefit of checking your knowledge (with the “Check Your Mastery” button) at the unit level is that you will complete a diagnostic for the entire unit at once, which can be more efficient than working through each topic individually. If you want to view the resources and materials that will help you to learn the concepts, you have to proceed at the topic level, where you can click “View Resources” button at any time.

However, if you don't have the option to take the Unit Test, this may be a setting disabled by your institution. This isn't something that we control but is turned on and off by your instructor or EdReady Admin. If the Unit Test is not available, you will need to test at the topic level to improve your score.

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