On the Assessments page, why does it say that I “did well on” a unit, as opposed to mastering it?


There is a limit to the amount of information we can gather from the initial diagnostic test in EdReady. If you did well on the questions in the initial diagnostic related to a specific unit, then EdReady shows you that “you did well on” those units, but it will often take additional questions to determine if you have truly “mastered” the relevant material. If you did well on a unit, there may not be any reason for you to study the material you probably already know! However, there may be reasons why you want to review that material, or if you are going to have to demonstrate readiness for a lot of the material, then you may be asked to study those units anyway. You can try to achieve the “mastered” status by clicking directly on any unit and checking your knowledge for the remaining topics.

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