When should I use EdReady?


EdReady can be used effectively in a variety of ways. For example, EdReady can be used:

  • by high-school students seeking to better understand their current strengths and weaknesses in math, with the option to get recommendations for resources and programs of study to improve, if necessary.
  • by high-school graduates who want to ensure that they avoid remedial education classes in the colleges they plan to attend.
  • by students of any age who are unsure of which colleges or employment pathways to pursue.
  • by adult basic education students (e.g., GED seekers) who want personalized recommendations for educational resources that can improve their math skills.
  • by adults returning to college who may need to double-check and refresh their math skills so they can immediately begin taking credit-bearing courses.

We are learning of new ways to use EdReady all the time, and we are always improving EdReady’s features and functions to meet these various needs. 

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