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So that EdReady can understand what math concepts you know and what concepts you might need to work on, you are asked to take an initial diagnostic (i.e., a brief, first test) – this diagnostic will cover all of the Units you see listed under view details (shown above). After clicking the Start diagnostic button, you’ll see the window below: 


In the header, above the question, you’ll find summary information about the diagnostic and your progress. Each question will be displayed on screen like you see here.

The current question will be displayed below.


All the action buttons and links are displayed below the question:

  • Save and close: if you’d like to save your progress and finish the test at a later time, click this button. The diagnostic will close and you’ll be able to return and finish your work later (for more details, see Finishing the Diagnostic Later below).
  • Skip: this will skip the question without submitting an answer. Remember that EdReady is trying to determine what material you do/ don’t know so that you can get the resources you need for success, so it is better to skip a question you don’t know than to submit a guess.
  • Submit: once you have selected or entered the answer to the question, click this button to submit your response.

EdReady will continue to present you with questions until you have finished the diagnostic, at which time you’ll see the message shown here.

Click the View results button to see how you did.


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