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If you are interested in additional schools, click either the Choose other schools (under the list of ‘Schools that require more studying’) or Find more options (under ‘Schools you are ready for’) link.

A pop-up window will open where you can search for additional schools based on distance from a zip code or by school name.  If you looked for schools previously (before completing the initial diagnostic), this page works the same way except that the target score is now listed for each school.


If you didn’t look for schools before, you can find more information about how to search for schools in the School Selection part of this User Guide.

Once you have selected the schools you’re interested in seeing on your Study Options page, click the Save and continue button (or the ‘x’ in the top-right corner) to close the pop-up window. 

Estimated study time

The “Estimated study time” displayed is an estimate of the minimum amount of time you should plan to spend reviewing the resources in EdReady in order to reach your target score. This time will increase if your target score is higher, or decrease if lower.


Important: The actual study time that might be required to improve your score can vary substantially from one student to the next. This estimated study time is a suggestion only, and does not include the time for practice and review that will likely be required to achieve mastery. You may not need this much time, but you may need much more time, so we suggest that you consider the estimated time to be a minimum estimate for planning purposes only.

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