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Now that you’ve tested your math knowledge, you can see how your current EdReady score compares to the target scores for the schools you’re interested in attending. The Target Options page is split into two main sections:

  • Schools that require more studying
  • Schools you are probably ready for

Schools that require more studying

Based on your current EdReady score (shown on the scorebar in a purple circle), you’ll need to do some additional studying to improve your math knowledge to be ready for these schools. Each school has a target score, listed here, that corresponds to the level of math readiness they require. In addition, you can see these target scores on the Score Bar: hover over any blue dot to see the corresponding school target score & name.  

Your current target score will be shown in the largest blue dot and will be the highest score out of the selected schools.

You can toggle which schools you’re interested in by using the checkbox in front of the school’s name.

If you change the selected schools, the target score (displayed on the scorebar) will also adjust accordingly. 

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