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Every EdReady goal contains one or more math assessments for you to try. This Assessments Page shows you all of the available assessments and will also show you your results and progress as you work with and complete the assessments.

You can click the house icon at any time to return to your Dashboard. The details you saw on the back of the larger goal card are also available by clicking on the goal image. 


Depending on the version of EdReady you are using, you may have one or more assessments listed here, and your instructions may vary.

If you want to see the Units included in an assessment, click the View Details link below the assessment name.

You may have noticed that there is a “?” listed on your assessment scorebar and next to each Unit: As you progress through the site, the status displayed here (and elsewhere in the system) will update to reflect your most current activity. The “?” indicates that you have not yet completed any part of that assessment.

When you are ready to test your math knowledge, click the Start Assessment button


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