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This section of the page lists schools that are nearby or that you have searched for. To select a school, select the checkbox in front of the school’s name, which will add these schools to the list of schools you’re interested in attending. If you search for a school (by location or name), it will show up in this section.

If you are interested in more information on a school, clicking on its name or the (i) icon will open an information window with some data about the school and some additional useful links. Click the school name to go to the school’s website (in a new tab or window). The distance shown is the distance from your home zip code, which you entered when registering. If that isn’t the correct zip code, you can always change it via the My Account page.

You can also sort the displayed list of schools by clicking on the buttons above the school list: sort by Distance, A to Z (alphabetical) or those you Selected. If you click a ‘sort’ button a second time, the list will sort again but in opposite order. (For example: the first click of the ‘Distance’ button will sort with the closest schools at the top of the list. Click ‘Distance’ again and the furthest schools will display at the top of the list.) Use the following “Search” sections (by location and/ or name) to add schools to the school list.



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