Can I see my students' progress in EdReady?


Yes. If you possess an administrative account (e.g., as a teacher, counselor, principal, department chair, etc) with reporting privileges, you can see your students' progress at any time by viewing the reports for each assessment the students are pursuing.

On your administrative dashboard, you should see a section entitled "Reports". In the sub-section called "Assessments", you should see the list of assessments you can view. Click on "Overview" to get to all of the reports associated with that assessment.

Note that the list of assessments you see is determined by the goals associated with your account. In other words, you are only entitled to see data for the assessments within your associated goals, and only for the students that are pursuing those goals. If there are other assessments you are expecting to see in your list, you will need to contact your EdReady version administrator to update your permissions.

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