EdReady release notes – 9 Nov 2017


This EdReady release includes the following features and improvements:

  • Major labeling changes throughout. Based on extensive feedback from our community, we decided that the use of the word “assessment” to refer to a customized scope of expectations was too confusing. For students and teachers, we have replaced that word with “study path”. For admins, you will see “scope” or “scope of expectations”. We think these changes help to clarify the way EdReady is structured and should reduce confusion overall. Many other areas were also re-named and the text everywhere was refreshed for accuracy and clarity.
  • The goal cards on the student dashboard were updated to improve their look and make them more responsive. We also eliminated some unnecessary steps in joining a goal. Students now join a goal immediately upon clicking it.
  • We changed “I Don’t Know” to “Skip” for all tests, based on teacher and student feedback. The function is the same. We also removed the button styling for the “Save and close” option.
  • The number of customizable features and functions has continued to expand since EdReady launched over three years ago, so we were overdue for some clean-up and re-organization of the administrative dashboard. We believe these changes should make it easier to navigate the dashboard and manage your EdReady site. The most significant changes are:
    • Consolidation of the “Edit Homepage”, “General Info”, “Notices”, and “Help Options” tabs in a new “Settings” tab.
      • Note that “Notices” used to be “Messages”.
      • The “Help Options” tab is new. See below.
      • The “Edit Homepage” option is now a button on the General Info tab rather than a separate tab.
    • We changed the order of the remaining tabs. From left to right, they are now: Scopes (formerly Assessments), Goals, Admin Users, Students, Settings.
      • We believe this flow better matches the actual way that most EdReady study paths are created and managed.
      • We added some additional supports in the customization process to better maintain flow.
  • There is a new option to customize the function of the “More Info” (formerly “FAQ”) link and the Help button. These options are contained in the new “Help Options” tab. You also now have the option to turn these elements off entirely.
  • After many rounds of testing, and with extra help from our Montana colleagues, we think we have finally resolved some persistent problems with the matching questions in the content. We are now testing those problems within the EdReady testing environment and will restore those questions ASAP if we do not encounter any issues.
  • We made some additional improvements to the new study path details charts and tables.
  • We fixed a number of bugs throughout, including issues with the “Actions” column, stuck progress bars, messed up session logs, stuck tests, and more.
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