Can I study English in EdReady?


EdReady does not yet have an English section available to all students. (If you are part of an EdReady English pilot, click here for help.)

We are working on getting English into EdReady, but it's not as simple as it might sound. EdReady is designed for independent study, which is easy for math. You can learn the concepts and take a test, and you will get the answers right or wrong. It's objective.

English involves writing, and writing involves conveying ideas, and there are a lot of ways to write. There are some things in English that EdReady can give you a multiple choice test on, like identifying verbs and nouns, or deciding the best place to use a comma or a semi-colon. But that is just a small part of what it means to learn English or to get ready for college-level English classes, which involve a lot of writing.

Writing needs to be read by another person who can analyze your writing, and decide if you are conveying ideas well. And you need better feedback than just a "right" or "wrong" answer to improve your English writing skills. 

Because of these challenges, we are working with several NROC member schools who are helping us design and test EdReady English. We ran a pilot program in early 2017 with those schools, and as a result, we are still developing the English portion of EdReady. We are planning to make it available in 2018.

Meanwhile, please talk to your school about how you can prepare for college English, or check out the English resources we have available at

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