Message: "Only one learning resource at a time"


Sometimes, you will see an error message on screen in EdReady, that says you can only access one learning resource at a time. (You might have thought EdReady was stuck and not letting you move forward. You might think the "Learn" button doesn't work. Look to see if there is a message like this in a light blue box at the top of your study path.)

When you see this message, it indicates that you have another resource open somewhere. Or at least, EdReady thinks you do.

You may be logged in on a different computer or device, or you may have multiple windows or tabs open at once, or your last session in EdReady may not have closed properly.

If you were using another device, or had multiple windows open to EdReady, just close all your windows and tabs on all devices, log out of EdReady on all your devices, and then log back in on just one of them.

If you've only used one device, and haven't had any other resources open, just log out, then log back in to EdReady.

Be sure to explicitly log out of EdReady, by using the Log Out link under your name, at the top right corner of the page. Just closing the window or browser is usually not enough.

If the message does not clear up at that point, contact us so we can help you out.

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