EdReady release notes - 20 May 2017


This EdReady release includes the following features and improvements:

  • Site-wide “refactoring” and updating of the technologies that support the web-browser page rendering. This significant update should increase the speed and responsiveness of EdReady throughout the application.
  • Update and upgrade of the AWS servers from Java7 to Java8. This update was critical for us to support some of the planned features and functions in the queue.
  • Additional performance upgrades and bug-fixes throughout.
  • Consolidated some tables to simplify management flows.
  • Updated the Token SSO protocol to support users with many goal permissions.
  • Added more information and functionality to the archiving functionality.
  • Created a “Resource Preview” feature which allows teachers and administrators to quick-link to the same learning resources that are available for students for any assessment.
  • A warning is now shown when an admin tries to upload images but may not have saved other information that was changed on that page.
  • There are now goal and admin filters for the Student Data tab to help zero in on the students of specific interest.
  • The unit-level test is now automatically disabled after it has been taken. It remains disabled until the unit is fully mastered (via topic mastery). If the student takes the unit test again and does not master everything, it will become disabled again until the unit is re-mastered.
  • We fixed some tables (such as the student sessions) that were missing information, such as the name of the student.
  • The assessment modals have been improved to better utilize the screen space and respond to the actual content of the questions. Further improvements along these lines are planned for the next sprint.
  • There is a new table that provides details on each learning resource that any student has studied for a specific assessment. You can open that table from the “Actions” column for the student data reports. We will be substantially expanding on the information shown in that table in the next round or two of development.

These comprise the most significant new features and updates for this release. Complete details are available on request.

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