EdReady release notes - 29 Dec 2016


EdReady release notes – 29 Dec 2016

This EdReady release includes the following features and improvements:

  • An updated student-learning experience for cases where there is more than one resource available. This improvement is largely motivated by some changes that are necessary to support the eventual integration of the NROC Developmental English program into EdReady. All students who have access to more than one resource will now see a “Lessons Dashboard” that helps them to browse and access the different resources they can use to learn the material. This dashboard also provides the scaffold we need to better support disciplines other than math, such as English.
  • Every report and table in EdReady is now updated to use a more robust and responsive architecture. We believe that the new table controls will make it much easier for teachers and administrators to view and manage table data.
  • The administrative controls for all tables have been converted to icons.
  • Most tables now include the option to add or remove columns of information about each object (row). We will be adding to the information fields in this coming year.
  • Most tables include a new email option where you ca email a filtered dataset based on your filtering and sorting activities on that table. If you have had trouble with really large Excel files in the past, this option should solve that problem.
  • Most tables now include a “Bookmarking” option. A bookmark stores the filtered/sorted state of a table so you can recreate that table with one click as needed. For example, if you ike to log into EdReady and then view all student activity that has occurred on an assessment in the last 24 hours, you can filter and sort the student data report for that assessment, then save a bookmark (perhaps called “24 hour activity”). You can re-generate that bookmarked table in two places: from the bookmark icon on that table, or from the “My Bookmarks” dashboard, shown under your account name.
  • The four canonical data structures in EdReady are: students, admins, assessments, and goals. The four tables associated with these data structures now have two new features: Batch processing and Archiving.
    • Batch processing allows you to execute certain basic options on more than one item at a time. You have to first select on or more rows on the table using the checboxes on the left hand side, after which the batch-processing icon will become active. Options for batch processing currently include tasks such as: archive (or un-archive), activate (or un-activate), update tags, etc. We will be updating and enhancing the batch-processing options in the months ahead.
    • Archiving allows you to remove objects from the EdReady system, essentially storing them away. For all intents and purposes, archiving an object means that object is no longer part of EdReady. For example, if you archive an assessment, it will no longer be seen on any tables or reports, it can no longer be used by any students, and no one will have any access to the associated data. However, you can always restore an archived object if you need to re-gain access to it in the future.
  • In addition to the these visible changes, we continued to invest in back-end improvements to improve the performance of the EdReady platform, especially for large tables and reports.
  • We also fixed a number of bugs and areas for improvement, including some display issues specific to iPhones and iPads, some accessibility issues, some issues related to time-outs (especially for the Sessions table), and so on. We fixed a time-zone issue for the Sessions table, some issues related to the default order of objects shown on tables, and some isues specific to the way we were handling single-sign-on (SSO) requests.
  • You can now right-click on student data reports to launch the report in a new tab or window.
  • Tags are now universally available on any relevant tables, improving their utility for organizing information on your site.
  • We extended the breadcrumbs navigation into the “Learn” section of EdReady.
  • There are a lot of improvements in hand that are not yet publicly available, especially related to Developmental English. This year promises to be an exciting one for EdReady users and institutional members of The NROC Project. More to come!
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